NCL® VCT Floor Care Program


  1. Inform, educate and certify individuals that perform VCT Floor Care Maintenance.
  2. Identifying Vinyl Floor Types
  3. Using Floor Mats
  4. Identify Safety and PPE recommendations.
  5. Provide an overview of VCT Floor Care Maintenance process and explain the procedures used.
  6. Identify best practices and industry recognized methods for VCT Floor Care Maintenance.
  7. Provide testing to validate understanding of the material and provide a “Certificate of Completion”.

Program Timing: Approximately 45 minutes

  • Identifying Vinyl Floor Tile - 5 min
  • Using Floor Mats – 5 min
  • Safety and PPE – 7 min
  • Floor Care Overview – 5 min
  • Routine Maintenance – 10 min
  • Interim Maintenance (Buffing) – 5 min
  • Restorative Maintenance (Deep Scrub, Scrub & Recoat) – 6 min
  • Stripping – 5 min
  • Applying Floor Finish - 5 min

NCL® VCT Floor Care Training has been verified to the ISSA Training Standard through Cleaning Managment Institute (CMI). CMI and the ISSA Training Standard are premier in the cleaning industry, giving you the right credentials to achieve the recognition you deserve.

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